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Coffee to go

The Autumn sun filters through the trees, breathing life on dead leaves, they crinkle under foot. The hum of the city vibrates through me, my echoing mind whispers. 

Learning to sacrifice things in order to gain is a rule of the universe, yet so hard to accept. Acceptance is key to fulfilment, yet why does it eat away at me? 

My week so far has been full of silent achievements, yet a strange craving speaks to my essence, a craving I am yet to realise… In between coffee dates, work, dinner after dinner of charades and fake smiles, it can be hard to find time for oneself to truly unwind and allow the yelling inside to take hold, to rampage through the barriers of emotions and allow oneself to truly be. 

Some nights, my desire to be completely wasted or drunk, to escape is overwhelming, and my past creeps upon me in the darkest of hours. Some nights are made to give in, to sink, to allow oneself to be engulfed, consumed, drowned almost in the darkness and hurt within, it is then when one learns, grows and accepts… Are you brave enough?


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2 thoughts on “Coffee to go

  1. This post is so easy to relate to, I cannot even believe it. I know exactly how you feel right now. Beautifully put.

    P.S. That GIF is perfection! 🙂

  2. David on said:

    This blog is beautifully put together. A joy to read.

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