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The Age of Loneliness

In the distant horizon the sun wakes for the day, casting its life on frost covered leaves as birds sing of life and a hum of energy echoes.

Streams of cars are a constant flow, many of us live in a daze of reality and a haze of city fumes,  constantly talking yet never thinking we stumble throughout our days, ego fuels our way.

Tears run down my cheeks hitting them as rain does a street. I scream for answers to the silent sky. Footsteps lie in my wake, where I have been and where I am to go guide my path.

I have seen cities sparkle like diamonds against black velvet skies, the sun set across Europe and the vast desserts that blanket the Middle East. Yet I search for myself, under every rock and down every crack, as the age of loneliness stabs me in the back.

I went away for the day, to escape the constant rumble of city that has consumed my life. We were up at the crack of dawn, we drove for around 4 hours, finally we arrived in a frosty Canberra.

First stop was NewActon a Luxury Apartment/Hotel development where we enjoyed a delicious breakfast accompanied by the soothing beats of the DJ..


After that we went to a personal favourite when visiting, a Chocolaterie named Koko Black… The interior is something out of a french film scene, with rustic dark woods and chandeliers, grand chairs and a counters filled with handmade chocolates.



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4 thoughts on “The Age of Loneliness

  1. I feel as if I can relate to this post on every level – the feelings described are just so similar to my own. Beautiful.

    P.S. You look stunning in that photograph. 🙂

    • Thank you for your comments, they are always so lovely.

      I think many of us share this feeling somewhere deep down, just many of us fill the gap/void with material objects or people to push these feelings down! It takes an aware person to realise this, and it looks like you are one of them xx

  2. CinZilicious on said:

    oh my…it seems liked you had a great time, it’s always great to get away from the buzzing city at times, i do that too sometimes and just take a boat and go on some islands away from Hong Kong,hahaha….

    The pancake is making me drool!!!! and i can see you had a fair bit of coffee addition, lol

    Hope you’re doing well and you look gorgeous dear=D Always nice to see a sweet face like yours!


  3. Sometimes a little escape is just what we need… gorgeous photos here Toni,

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