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And before I go to sleep..

Every moment is fleeting, as time escapes our grasp…

I stand by the window in soft moonlight taking in the distant city sights, in the empty room candle light flickers. The last mouthful of wine burns my throat as I steady my path towards the mattress, this night, like all the others before it, will soon be a distant memory.

In the morning, sunlight filters through large windows, drenching the room in its life. I stumble through the door, down stone steps.

My clothes cling to my body in the blistering heat. The thick air is warm and people scatter throughout the streets like ants, carrying out a function and reason unknown to them, simply being driven by instinct, ego and want. City lights sparkle and the buildings reach high, skimming the sky.

I sigh a deep breath, my mind is a mess.

Nothing is at it seems, surface delusions smother reality.

Seconds pass, many days go by in the endless sky, yet memories stay and sway our emotions, as we are reminded how fragile we are.


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3 thoughts on “And before I go to sleep..

  1. I love the thoughts behind this post. They are so true…every second passed is a moment for greatness lost. :/

  2. So beautiful, love. I can feel each an every bit of emotion. xoxo

  3. You convey the heat so well…and your writing always mesmerizes me. Hoping your week has been sweet and mellow.
    xo Mary Jo

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